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The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition is a movement that builds Black power by providing education and resources to uplift our communities.

Our Story

The roots of the Black Legacy Advancement coalition began to take form in the heart of its founder, Dexter Sullivan, in the early 2000s. Then, in 2020, the world stopped and we witnessed two pandemics ravage the Black community at a disproportionate rate: Covid-19 and anti-Black racism. Under the conditions of lockdown, we could no longer numb ourselves with the routine obligations of life and career. Instead, we were forced to reckon with the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual ramifications of actively witnessing Black lives destroyed – senselessly and routinely – without the responsible parties being held accountable. 

Against that backdrop, a group of brilliant Black minds gathered, seeking the comfort of community and fueled by a desire to move from protest to reform. With that conviction as its driving force, The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition was born. In addition to convening Black Americans and their allies to create systemic change, we also hold space for individuals to use their unique skills and talents to generate sustainable solutions that will lead to lasting change. Further, we provide the tools, resources and opportunities people need to shift from outrage to action!

As a coalition, we are driven by passion, healing and legacy-creation. While we strive toward a bold and powerful vision, we are clear that our efforts will require a commitment that spans decades and, perhaps, generations. Still, we are committed to creating a world that builds on the legacy of our ancestors who fought and died for centuries in an effort to secure our civil liberties and equity.

The Coalition envisions a world in which people of African descent across the globe have access to:

  • The education and career path of their choice
  • Tools for generational wealth and legacy-building
  • Resources necessary to access mental health services
  • Physical wellness and high-quality housing

Through strategic partnerships, community building and exceptional programming, we center action and activism as our fundamental modalities to combat the impact of systemic racism and centuries of oppression.

Economic Justice
The Ground Up Project is a large-scale community reinvestment effort to “renovate homes and renovate lives”. The project’s portfolio currently includes:

  • The Ali Legacy House
    • Legacy Builders Leadership Development Program
  • The Black Legacy Advancement Center
  • The Black Legacy Real Estate Development Commission

Community Mobilization
We work in the community because we are the community. We mobilize our engagement through three central initiatives: 

  • Education-Centered Programming
  • Community Convenings
  • Health Is Wealth Detroit, An Annual Wellness Expo