Press Release – The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition Partners with READ, Real Estate Association Developers, for Change

The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition is officially launching its partnership with Detroit’s Real Estate Association Developers, also known as READ. This partnership provides the Coalition’s members discounted access to READ as a Developer or Affiliate. As a READ partner, you gain access to significant real estate resources. As a part of the network, you will also learn new skills to help you through every stage of your development project including: how to increase market share, how to create a legacy pipeline, as well as how to effectively leverage collective resources.

The partnership was negotiated by Black Legacy Advancement Coalition President, Dexter Sullivan, and READ President, David Alade. BLAC’s Real Estate Development Commission, an internal branch of the organization focused on development, has a specific focus on property development in Detroit’s LaSalle Gardens and Dexter-Linwood neighborhoods, where it is deeply invested in community enrichment and youth development work. This partnership further extends BLAC’s Ground Up community development initiative by transferring knowledge to other development-minded community leaders in Metro Detroit. Sullivan states, “We don’t want to do this work alone. We want our residents, our neighbors, and community partners to also be equipped with the same tools that we are accessing in order to build a brighter future for all of Detroit.”

The goal of the partnership between BLAC and READ is to facilitate opportunity for both memberships to discover pathways for investment and collaboration. “READ is thrilled to partner with The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition to provide more resources to better equip Detroiters to develop and rebuild their communities, as well as build generational wealth for families,” remarks READ President, David Alade.

Through BLAC and READ’s partnership, the organizations will support the convening of a strong collaborative of real estate developers and social change leaders focused on missional impact. Developers, investors, real estate agents, community residents and others have a valuable opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the buzzing real estate development market in Detroit, to learn the overall process, all while gathering new perspectives. “I believe that if we can build the right partnerships, we will create the right value. That will ultimately be the catalyst that elevates the quality of life for Detroiters, our neighborhoods, as well as retain Black ownership for existing legacy residents,” said Sullivan.

Desired outcomes of this work include: increased and sustained Black ownership of corporate and residential property in Detroit, a measurably sustained increase of the property values and population density in blighted neighborhoods, and generational wealth creation for Black families through real estate. All of these outcomes collectively support the organization’s respective missions, which work to ensure upward mobility for communities of color.

Community partners for this neighborhoods initiative include: Community Financial Credit Union and the Relentless Care Foundation, Next Door Lending, and The Congregation Detroit.

The promo code is: BLACXREAD. When you register your membership, choose “AFFILIATE” on the membership page. The promo code will work with that selection.

If you have any other questions or needs, feel free to contact CeCe Thomas at (313) 218-4864.

The Black Legacy Advancement Coalition is a movement that builds Black power by providing education and resources to uplift communities. Founded in 2020, this grassroots organization has invested in significant capital projects, renovating homes, while renovating lives. This work is realized primarily through our Ground Up Initiative, an effort to revitalize properties in Detroit’s historically Black neighborhoods, while spurring new business development in our communities. The organization also hosts regular workshops and events to disseminate practical knowledge that elevates the quality of life lived by our members. The Coalition’s membership network is comprised of national and global partners, representing more than 900 individuals.

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Founded in 2018, with a current roster of over 150 active members, our mission is to cultivate, connect and advocate for experienced and aspiring black real estate developers in the Detroit region. Our intent is to increase market share for developers of color, establish a legacy pipeline, and to leverage the power of our allies and the development community’s collective resources to create a more coordinated and equitable development ecosystem for our community. Currently READ is focused on the City of Detroit and advancing the community of developers who focus on southeastern Michigan. For more information about READ, visit their website:

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