BLAC’s Real Estate Development Commission

BLAC’s Real Estate Development Commission convenes a diverse collaborative of social change agents including: developers, investors, real estate agents, and community members. The shared perspectives and collective voice of this group helps to further clarify the imperative investments needed most in our primarily Black communities. This group serves as a primary extension of the Ground Up initiative, extending the project’s impact from the Black Legacy Advancement Center, to its surrounding neighborhoods. The commission’s Ground Up real estate development program crafts a unique solution for the sustainability of property assets, measurable population density and value increases in blighted neighborhoods, as well as generational wealth creation for Black families. All of these outcomes collectively support the organization’s mission of ensuring upward mobility for Black communities.

  • Define what real estate development needs exist and impede progress.
  • Present the community with resources that will assist in closing the racial wealth gap with wealth creation opportunities. 
  • Identify unique disparities and discriminatory practices that continue to limit the distribution of relevant equity to people of color in redeveloping urban communities.
  • Determine what, dynamic, collective, and individual strategies should be deployed in cities to make progress.

To foster systemic value creation for inner-city neighborhoods that have been impacted by generational decline of property values, poverty and severe blight.

Detroit is the first target market of the Real Estate Development Commission’s impact cities.

Future cities include:

Jackson, Mississippi
Chicago, Illinois
Austin, Texas
Columbus, Ohio|
Birmingham, Alabama
Durham, North Carolina
Los Angeles, California
Baltimore, Maryland
Atlanta, Georgia

1,000 families: 1,000 homes. The Real Estate Development Commission is interested in contributing to the accelerated neighborhood reinvestment happening in Detroit. Our desire is to see ownership retained and legacy families returning to occupy the historic neighborhoods of Detroit’s inner city. In collaboration with community partners and other supporting agencies throughout the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan, BLAC’s Real Estate Development Commission will be a major player in this space by organizing capital deployment strategies that ultimately strengthens Black ownership in Detroit. 

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