Virtual Mentoring Network (Men)

Virtual Mentoring Network’s End of the Year Celebration

Virtual Mentoring Network (Men)

Powered by The Man to Man Project
& Empowering Mentorships

The Virtual Mentorships Network is a national collaborative initiative driven by The Man to Man Project based out of Detroit, Michigan and Empowering Mentorships based out of San Diego. Together the founders, Dexter Sullivan (left) and Jelani Matthews (right) seek to address the challenges that are facing African American male youth by leveraging a virtual platform providing digital mentorship, a for black men by black men book club and quarterly workshops that are designed to provide career guidance and skill development. The Virtual Mentorship Network will be launching in January of 2021.


The mission of The Virtual Mentorships Network is to provide consistent education and mentorship, exposure to resource and opportunity and to empower minority male youth. The Virtual Mentorships Network is available to young men between the ages of 13 and 25 who are seeking mentorship with the targeted outcomes being the formation of positive life paths that are affirmed with purpose, meaning, and personal prosperity. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining The Virtual Mentorships Network program click the link below to register!

Monthly Mentorship Meetings

This is the foundation of The Virtual Mentorships Network. In these monthly virtual meetings we aim to expose, educate and empower young black and brown men towards their purpose and calling. We do this by connecting the young men with mentors who are qualified and passionate to serve the youth. We provide a circle of men that connect monthly for generational mentoring, personal development and address the challenges these young men face. Topics to be covered include Character and Integrity, Finances, Organization, Spirituality, Business and more.

Black Kings Read

Education is and always has been a major key to success. That is why we are implementing an opportunity for students to take part in the Black Kings Read book club, where mentees will read books written by black men for black men. The subject matter in the book club will align with monthly meeting topics and provide context for discussions to be held with mentors.  Our goal for the book club is to create a habit and hunger for reading and education, as well as build subject matter knowledge among the mentees empowering them into their calling.

Quarterly Workshops

At Empowering Mentorships, we are dedicated to providing a roadmap to success by way of those who paved the road. The quarterly workshops are designed or provide insight, direction and resource for those looking to advance in career, build a specific skill or build competency on a particular subject matter. Workshop topics for 2021 include, Financial Literacy and Planning, Technology & Gaming Careers, Medical, Law and Entrepreneurial career paths and more.  Check out our “Events” section for more details on up and coming Workshops.

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