BLAC Coalition Commissions

Agriculture and Health Commission

The agriculture, health, and fitness coalition strives to empower black communities to make healthy decisions in the areas of food consumption and wellness. The disconnect that is exhibited in underrepresented communities of color has led to generations of unhealthy decision making, resulting from a lack of advocacy and exposure. By increasing agricultural and wellness literacy, we seek to bring awareness to the benefits and myths of healthy eating, the food and fiber production system, the importance of exercise, and the interconnectedness of these aspects for healthy living.

Economic Empowerment Commission

BLAC’s Economic Empowerment Commission is comprised of business owners, professionals, and everyday people. This unique blend of diversity informs the group’s robust discussions, research, and policy creation for the economic well-being of the African American community. Our ultimate goal is to engage the general public on black economic issues and policy through various mediums, persuading them to bring these issues to the forefront. The Commission is tasked with preparing policy recommendations as it pertains to the economic empowerment of black people in America. 

You do not have to be politically inclined or a policy buff to join this commission. However, you must be solutions driven in order to contribute effectively.

Faith Communities Commission

Faith has long been a central undercurrent to the black justice movements in America. The African-American Church’s earliest formation happened right in the throws of slavery. Modern-day faith centers continue to serve as pillars in the black community, and they are fundamental players in the organizational construct for civil rights. The Faith Commission works to partner with these faith communities to help realize the unfulfilled promises of a generation by brokering the inner-strength of a community’s religious power, wielding its greatest weapon – unity personified. We activate this reality of oneness by utilizing the power of strategic rhetoric, non-violence, and faith through demonstration. In doing so, the faith community will remain a vital, active power center for black cultural expression and activism for years to come.

Creative Arts Commission

BLAC’s Entertainment and The Arts Commission aims to focus on information, education and opportunity. We believe properly curated Information leads to Education, which ultimately paves a way for Opportunity that benefits the individual and their respective communities. Respecting history, BLAC Entertainment and The Arts Commission strives to be a continuing resource for all creative avenues and all creative people.

Education Commission

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Education is the most pivotal way we can equip our community to impact our society for generations to come. The Education commission will focus on diverse and impactful ways to close the educational gaps and disparities by increasing cultural competence in learning and providing opportunities for experiential learning. Our target subjects are science, technology, engineering, and math. Through advocating for educational opportunity in black communities, we anticipate enhanced achievement on measurable levels that will shape the benchmarks for replicated successes in our communities. 

Government Engagement Commission

The Government Engagement Commission is tasked with engaging elected officials and policy makers on key issues that are directly affecting the African American community. Our work is to support meaningful legislation that will spearhead meaningful change around our current top priorities:

  1. Criminal Justice & Policing Reform
  2. Prison Reform
  3. Gun Safety Reform 

We are especially focused on providing civic engagement training and driving voter registration campaigns in urban communities. 

Technology Commission

Technology is a tool that can be used to facilitate access to knowledge and information that is often otherwise unseen by many. Technology is prevalent in everyday life, on the job, in schools, at home, but there are many underlying factors that determine the type of technology that one can take advantage of and use to further themselves on a daily basis. Some of the factors being, financial status, geographic region, what institution they’re affiliated with, etc… The goal of the Technology Commission is to use our network and resources to ensure that youth have access to the tech tools needed in order to ensure that they have the highest chance of success in school, at their job and within their extracurriculars.

Ways to Get Involved

Commission Members are those individuals that commit to partner with one or more of the sector initiatives to research and develop policies that will accomplish our goal of protecting and enriching the will of African American communities nationally.

Apprentices support the Board and the Commissions administratively, while also being facilitated through a leadership development program that will ready them for effective community service in their respective future.

Allies are advocates of the work, and support the cause in their activism, organizing, and fundraising. No official financial commitment is required to become an ally at this time.

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